Triangle Recreation Camp  

If you are not a regular membership (yearly membership) of TRC, here is a list of things you’ll need to do.

  1. Park your car in our parking lot. You may unload your camping gear at the host hut, but your car needs to be parked just as soon as you unload. Think of this area as an airport drop off location. (hi res parking map)
  2. Register at the host hut or with the camp host. (The camp hosts can be found by looking in the parking lot area for the sign that says “Camp Host”) This is very important to TRC. You need to do this before you set up your tent, go to the beach, visit with your friends, walk the dog, etc.

    Registering means you are doing the following:
    • Providing your legal name and address to TRC
    • Providing legal proof of your identity and your age (21 or older)
    • Agreeing to the terms of liability
    • Acknowledging that you are person who is either: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or queer. While we love our straight allies, except for “Friends & Family” weekend, TRC is just for the LGBTQ folk.
    • Paying your overnight fees
  3. After you register you’re free to enjoy TRC!
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