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Triangle Recreation Camp

June Board Meeting.

  • 18 Jun 2016
  • 12:00 PM
  • Triangle Recreation Camp - Party Site


  • These are Invitees who are unable to attend the Board Meeting and would like their absence noted and excused. All registrations will be noted by the Secretary and recorded.
  • All Members of TRC are welcome to our Board Meetings. As a volunteer organization, we value the interest and commitment of our members who take the time to listen and learn the workings of our organization.
  • TRC Committee Member who is not a voting member of the Board of Directors but will be attending the Board Meeting. We value the work you do as volunteers for our organization and appreciate your continued support!
  • These are the expected participants: Board Members, Executives, and Guest Speakers. By registering, you are confirming your attendance to the Board Meeting. The registrations will be recorded by the Secretary. If you are unable to attend, but registered as Absent before the Board Meeting, it will be marked as excused.

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Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

Every month the Board of Directors of TRC conduct an open-door Board Meeting that all members are welcome to attend. During the meeting the business decisions and organizational affairs are discussed and conducted. Often announcements of Work Parties, Volunteer Requests, and Committee Opportunities are made and all Members are encouraged to donate some of their time and effort to help keep our campground running smoothly. 

Please note, the agenda is prepared in advance and business is conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order. Only members of the Board may vote on any matter, though all members may ask questions and voice opinions. Please be patient, Board members will get to speak first, then non-Board members will be given an opportunity to speak. The Monthly Board Meeting is NOT the venue to voice personal grievances between members, the proper way to do so is outlined in The TRC Camper's Guide

If attending bureaucratic meetings in the woods is not your cup of tea, we completely understand! The minutes of the meetings will be emailed to you and will be found on the Triangle Recreation Campground Wild Apricot page under Minutes. If you would like to be abreast of all the latest developments as they arise, or would like to ask for something to be added to the agenda, please send an email to

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at camp!

Qevin Lutra

TRC Secretary

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