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Triangle Recreation Camp

Campground Opens

  • April 15, 2016
  • 12:00 PM
  • Triangle Recreation Camp

Welcome Back Campers!!

It has been a long, dark four months since we locked up the gates last October. The winter weather has come and gone and it is time, once again, to unpack our camping gear and head out to Gay Outdoors! As of receiving this email, your VP of Operations has set our official "Soft" opening and made preparations for your arrival.

The date of official opening will be the 15th of April at Noon!

Here is a some more details from the VP of Operations:

** Attention: Soft Opening at 12 noon on April 15, 2016 - Until then the permission rule is still in effect.

At this time we are on track for soft opening on April 15, 2016 **

This is the weekend we start to set-up for the season and Seasonal members can begin to stay on their sites overnight.

The 48 hr. rule is not yet in effect.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to trail 6 & 7 sites will be severely limited. Trail 6 storm damage repairs and the installation of the new bridge, will be occurring on that weekend and there will be heavy equipment in operation. Everything beyond Rammit Inn will be closed until our contractor has completed his work and the equipment is removed. This may occur by 12noon on Saturday but that is being very optimistic. Limited access may be possible through trail 5 but safety is paramount so please do not plan on doing anything in trail 6 & 7 sites until the following weekend. 

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Honey Buckets and a large Construction dumpster will be delivered on the 14th and 15th.

I understand that we all are excited to get the season started, but please do not show up prior to 12 Noon on April 15th We need to get trucks and equipment in and out without unnecessary obstacles.

The Payphone is in service and we should have a sense of when internet and power will be available, after the BOD Meeting on Saturday April 16th. This information will be posted on the FB pages as soon as we are able.

Limited tent camping in the lower campground will be permitted with the understanding that the tarps are not yet hung, firewood will not be available until sometime on Saturday and checking in will be handled by a host site in the upper campground.

Happy Camping!
Don Young
VP Ops

Here's to another long, sunny summer in the woods!!


Qevin Lutra

TRC Secretary

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